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About Jenny 

My name is Jenny Nourse and I create living art. From terrariums in unique custom blown glass vessels to plant and moss installations, my designs can be found throughout the Bay Area in both residential and corporate spaces. 

I feel that biophilic design— incorporating greenery into our surroundings— has gained popularity because of today's fast paced lifestyle and an overall lack of time to get out and fully enjoy the outdoors. My sense is that people have a hunger to seek peace and connect with nature. This design concept increases that connectivity through the use of live art by bringing plants, moss, and other natural elements into our daily lives. These things not only look highly attractive, but also provide a positive impact by connecting people with their environment. I’m a firm believer that this unique art form can reduce stress and enhance one's mood and creativity. Plus, it simply adds beauty to a space!

Prior to launching my own business, I had the pleasure of running design for Terrain-- Anthropologie's home + garden brand-- in Palo Alto, CA. While the majority of my clients are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Northern California's wine country and the peninsula's Silicon Valley, I can also be found tackling special projects beyond these local counties. DM me and say hello; let's talk live art!
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